NESP was established in 2007 and has extensive experience of supporting FMV and FM with expertise.

We have only one goal

NESP is a company with a single goal: to be the Swedish Armed Forces’ and FMV’s long-term partner in the development of future C5ISR systems. We do this by staffing and delivering consultants within either the framework agreement C5ISR Life Cycle Management Support or the framework agreement ILS.

We have a large business network with both large and small service companies that together give you a broad and deep expertise in procurement, project management, design, architecture, development, integration and ILS.

NESP is an independent partner completely without product-related business interests. Our extensive network also gives you access to development and test centers, continuous monitoring of the world around us and experience from international development projects in various parts of the C5ISR area.

Everything in the field of C5ISR systems

We provide services to support FMV’s all areas of activity within the area of ​​C5ISR. The main focus is on the early stages of the life cycle; the concept, development and production stages. The services consist of:

  • System definition and life cycle planning,
  • Technical orientation of projects including design of design rules,
  • Support in the form of tools, methods and method development,
  • Configuration management.

Everything in the ILS area

We provide services to the Swedish Armed Forces’ and FMV’s projects regarding ILS competence . The services shall help to ensure that the systems achieve high operational reliability at the lowest possible life cycle cost and consist of:

  • Dimensioning and optimization of maintenance systems based on requirements for availability, endurance and life cycle cost.

Therefore, you should use NESP

  • Our whole existence is about functioning as a smooth hub
  • Your handling of orders and projects will be easier, as we have well-established routines regarding the administration of call-offs.
  • We support and help all the way if desired.
  • Your project can be staffed and ready to start within a work week.
  • We stand for quality, security and reliability
  • You will have direct access to leading experts in the entire field of military command systems.
  • You will have access to both assignment and resource consultants.

More about the framework agreements

We have a folder in swedish where you can find more information, both about the framework agreement System Support C5ISR and about NESP.

Download folder

If you want to read more about ILS framework agreements, you will find it under the framework agreements tab.

Do you want a printed version of the swedish folder? Or know more about our two framework agreements and NESP? Send an email to anette.ostelius@nesp.se

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