C.A.G Novus Consulting

C.A.G Novus Consulting is a consulting company with cutting-edge expertise in three market areas: defense, integration and logistics.

In the area of defense, we work with requirements management, test management, systems engineering, operational and decision support. We have expertise in military radio and command support systems, defense logistics (ILS), validation and verification (VoV) of materiel systems, basic and administrative data and ship systems.

In integration, we can deliver everything from pure expert support to complete integration solutions. We also have business expertise in logistics from both Swedish and international large companies and support them with supply chain management, enterprise architecture (EA), integration architecture, infrastructure and business development.

Facts About C.A.G Novus Consulting

Headquarters: Nacka Strand

Number of Employees (2020) : 50

Company started : 2008

Specialist areas : Radio, military support systems, command support, operational support, integration, infrastructure and operational architecture.

Website: cag.se

Other owners

Network Enabling System Partner AB
Mästergatan 7
745 37 Enköping

Telefon 070-265 65 11