Peter Johnson IT Consultant

Peter Johnsson IT-konsult AB consists of nine employees and a large network of subcontractors. We tailor the team of experts required to deliver the solution that the customer needs. Everything is governed by the customer’s wishes and requirements. The efficient internal organization provides minimal overhead costs, which means that a price that is favorable to the customer can continue to be maintained.

We are driven by taking advantage of the skills and drive that exist in small and medium-sized IT companies. Nowadays, customers can reach everything from specialists and technical expertise who run their own smaller companies to the largest established consulting firms through us. We are still an agile company that finds pragmatic solutions but always keeps the business together and can take a clear responsibility towards the customer.

Our business is continuously expanded through good recommendations from both customers and subcontractors. Through strong integrity, clarity and a high level of service, we continue to strive to be the best partner for both customers and subcontractors.

Facts about Peter Johnson IT Consultant AB

Head office: Enköping.

Number of Employees (2020) : 11.

Company started : 2000.

Specialist areas: system work and integration.


Other owners

Network Enabling System Partner AB
Mästergatan 7
745 37 Enköping

Telefon 070-265 65 11