Maintenance system for C5ISR for operational organization in the field combat area

The largest part of the assignment consisted of preparing an integrated logistics strategy (ILS) for the overall management system LS IO 14 Mark, and the four heavy subsystems included in the system:

  • Soldier command system
  • Battalion Command System
  • Staff Management System
  • Mobile surface telecommunications system.

In order to be able to implement this, we started by developing ILS requirements for these areas, as these were largely missing at the time of ordering. When the ILS requirements were in place, we designed proposals for logistics solutions for the four different systems. With these as a basis, we then went ahead and worked out the strategy itself. A specific challenge in the assignment was that the four subsystems were in practice already handed over and put into operation, based on existing technical systems. The different systems were also developed at different times and with different conditions for operation and maintenance. For example, it could be mentioned that the staff locations were based on already acquired equipment and underlying systems, which would now be assembled in new configurations. To solve this, we took the respective systems’ maintenance plans and brought them together systemically. We then reviewed these systems based on our overall requirements picture and the strategy developed and were then able to identify areas for improvement regarding both requirements and the actual realization of the project. In addition to this, we worked together with the Armed Forces to prepare proposals for methods for optimizing reserve equipment for units. We also made some investigations into the application of technical orders in the area of ​​management systems. The project was completed within the agreed schedule and a total of about 15 reports and other forms of documentation were delivered.

Project Facts

Assignment name : Maintenance system and basic configuration for C5ISR for the operational organization in the field combat area version 2014 (LS IO 14 Mark). Number of consultants : 3, from two companies. Project duration : 5 months. Time from order to staffing the project : 1 day. See all assignment references

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